Wrestling Last Night

Oswego Palladium-Times – August 6, 1937

NEW YORK – Stan Pinto, 214, Dallas, pinned Joe Dusek, 234, Omaha, 22:15.

IRVINGTON, N. J. – Danno O’Mahoney, Ireland, threw Jim Austeri, Italy, one fall (heavyweights)

WASHINGTON – Ernie Dusek, 236, Omaha, threw Rob Russell, 231, Chicago, 24:00.

ST. LOUIS – Nanjo Singh, 215, Bombay, India, pinned Eddie Newman, 235, New York, body lock, 11:46. Sol Singel, 225, Otis, Kas., threw Gene Bowman, Chattanooga, Tenn., “kingling wood” hold, 13:05. Warren Bockwinkel, 218, St. Louis, and Ellis Beashara, 222, Oklahoma City, wrestled 30 minutes to draw.

SAN FRANCISCO – Dory Denton, 170, Salt Lake, defeated Rod Fenton, 172, Canada (3 of 4), Ike Cassett, 185, Oklahoma City, and Danny Russo, 175, Detroit, drew; Jerry Marcus, 168, San Francisco, threw Jerry Mesker, 175, Chicago.


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