Lightning Rod Draws Ire, Beaten On Foul

Eugene Register-Guard – October 5, 1934

“I never get dirty.  I just get a little rough!” Lightning Rod Fenton said Thursday night before his main event coast championship bout with Ben Sherman.  The Lightning Rod’s definition of a “little rough” does not agree with Referee Harry Elliott’s, and it was this factor which saved Sherman his title, before a handful of fans at the armory.

With each grappler winner of a fall, and with 4 ½ minutes gone in the last canto, Fenton got a “little rough.”  He crossed six rights to Sherman’s button, and was about to unleash a seventh when Referee Elliott pulled him loose and awarded the fall and the bout to the defender.

Where were you?

The main event, which was plenty hot all the way, with the boys chasing each other up and down the aisles and milling in the ringsides, climaxed one of the best cards Owen has presented at the armory in months, and was attended by the smallest crowd.  All the people who stayed away missed more than the usual.

Only the first bout was characterized by clean wrestling, and as the end neared Castillo and Jimmy Black began to rough it up a bit.  Castillo won, taking the only fall in 20 minutes with a flying body scissors.  The match was hard fought, and lovers of real grappling got a treat, although it seemed a trifle too slow to rough-and-tumble fans.

Myers Looks Good

There was nothing slow about the semi-windup.  Robert Myers, newcomer from somewhere east of the cascades, lost to Robin Reed, but looked good doing it.  The bout was whirlwind action from start to finish, with Reed cutting loose every illegitimate trick fans had ever seen, and a lot they’d never heard of.  After Robin had choked, bit, gouged, slapped and half-undressed Myers, the invader rose in his might and forced the Mayor of Reedsport to pat the mat.  A Boston crab, applied in 22 minutes did the trick.

Reed came back for the second fall, limping and rubbing his back.  He crawled into his corner, and hunched there as the gong rang.  Myers, scenting the kill, rushed him.  Robin pushed him against the ropes and sailed into the air.  It was his justly famed over the ropes scissors, and Myers lit on his head on the floorboards outside the ring.

Lucky For Reed

At the count of 17, he was back, but Reed again applied the killer, and the bout was over, Robin winning when Myers was unable to return.  Reed was in a bad way when he applied the scissors, and had they failed to work Myers would, in all probability, have defeated him.  The newcomer showed speed, skill and the ability to take it, and is likely to become one of Owen’s stellar attractions.

The main event began with Fenton stalling in his corner, as expected.  Sherman managed to break him loose at intervals, and occasionally the Lightning Rod would venture forth to apply a hold.  Tiring of the waits, the champion rushed the challenger with just 10 minutes gone, and met both of Fenton’s feet, traveling chest high on the business end of a flying drop kick.  Rod stepped over the won the fall with a Boston crab.

Sherman evened it 6 minutes later with a series of airplane scissors, after sonnenberging Fenton out of his corner, and the final tumble took but 4 ½ minutes as Lightning Rod began dishing out fisticuffs.  Elliott boosted Sherman’s hand while he was still flat on the mat, almost out from the barrage of blows.


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