Elliott And Fenton To Settle Grudge Tonight

Eugene Register-Guard – September 13, 1934

Verne Harrington Here To Serve As Neutral Official

1st bout, 30 minutes – Marine Jacobs vs. Don Sugal.  Best two out of three falls.
2nd bout, 45 minutes – Ben Sherman vs. Bulldog Jackson.  Best two out of three falls.
Main event, one hour – Harry Elliott vs. Rod Fenton.  Best two out of three falls.

The French Revolution had its reign of terror, the American Revolution its Boston tea party, and the Russian revolt its “ten days that shook the world.”  All three have been depicted in motion pictures, made the subject of voluminous texts, and expounded on by learned professors.

Yet tonight at the armory Master Magician Herb Owen will toss two wrestlers and a referee into the ring and gain the same general effect as a combination of the bloodiest features of all the above.  Lightning will shake the auditorium, uppercuts will take the place of swords, and Rod Fenton will take the part of the people against the ruling class, ably represented by referee-wrestler Harry Elliott.

Real Grudge Match

However, that’s as far as the comparison goes.  To follow it through would indicate a victory for the Lightning Rod, but Referee Elliott will have something to say about that, and the outcome is far from predictable.  But regardless of who wins, it’ll be a real on-the-level grudge match, and holders of ringside seats are advised to come prepared for action.

Verne Harrington, former Eugene referee, has been secured by Promoter Owen as neutral arbiter for the bouts tonight, and will officiate at all three matches.  Harrington is big enough to handle the Lightning Rod, and Fenton may show more respect for him than he has for Elliott during the past few weeks.

Statement Made

Fenton has spent the week hurling statements and accusations at Elliott, while Harry has remained in comparative quiet.  However, he broke his silence Thursday morning with the following statement: “I have refereed several bouts in which Fenton has appeared, and he has never failed to use unfair methods and unethical tactics, many of them despised even by the ‘dirty wrestlers.’  Following the only course, I have disqualified him on many occasions.  After each disqualification, he has deliberately attacked me.

“I did not seek this match.  Fenton demanded it, and considers himself out to right some fancied wrong.  Well, he’s got the match, and I really believe it’s a good thing.  It’s time he was settled with, once and for all, and tonight I expect to lower the boom on him.  Any other wrestlers who don’t care for my style of refereeing are invited to step up!”

Line-up Sensational

There’s the situation, fans, and if you don’t think that makes for action, you have another thing coming.  Owen has lined up a brilliant supporting card, with two bouts which are worthy of main event notice anywhere.  The one and only Bulldog Squaredeal Jackson is to tangle with Ben Sherman in the semi-windup, while Don Sugai clashes with the greatly improved Marine Jacobs in the 30-minute opener.

Jackson is expected to furnish Sherman the greatest test of his career in northwest ring circles, for the Squaredeal Kid combines villainy with brilliant grappling ability.  Sugai will find a tough opponent in the ex-Cottage Grove marine, and may be called upon to use his jiu-jitsu to edge out a win.

The card will start at 8:30, and fans are urged to buy their tickets at Obaks or the Club to avoid the crush at the box-office.


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