Lightning Rod Loses On Foul In Wild Bout

Eugene Register-Guard – September 7, 1934

Lightning rods draw lightning.  Although no one has ever expressed any serious doubts on the matter, if there were any unbelievers in the crowd at the armory Thursday night they should have been converted.

“Lightning Rod” Fenton lost to Mickey McGuire in the main event, and ere the evening ended thunder, lightning, blood and destruction racked the ring.  Fenton came away minus a pair of teeth, Referee Harry Elliott came away under protest, wishing with mighty sincerity that Fenton’s bodyguard of grapplers would let him at the Canuck, and Wrestler McGuire came away the victor, but a rather battered one.

Good Crowd Out

A good crowd was on hand, and it was the most thrilling evening in many months.  The opener, between Don Sugai and Pascual Castillo, presaged little of the battle of follow.  It was a brilliant exposition of grappling, ending in a draw, but it was overshadowed by the succeeding bouts.

Ben Sherman licked Cowboy Heinz in the semi-windup, a red-hot battle combining clever grappling and the usual Heinz fisticuffs.  Sherman snared the first fall in 15 minutes with a pinwheel, but the sheepherder evened it 11 minutes later, lifting Sherman’s bridgework with a series of uppercuts and falling on him with a body press to take the fall.

Scissors Does Trick

The last tumble was a wild and wooly battle, with the boys standing toe to toe and slugging it out in a manner to gladden the heart of a boxing fan.  Finally, after ten minutes of thrill-packed action, Sherman sent the Cowboy to dreamland with a series of Jim Browning airplane scissors.

Then came the main event.  Then came the battle of Armageddon, with Mickey McGuire as the white-haired boy and Fenton as the Dark Angel.  It was fought in the corners, in the ropes, in the ringsides, and very nearly in Mayor Large’s lap.

Red Wins First

The first fall went to the Lightning Rod in 17 minutes with a Boston crab, following a session marked by uppercuts and gouging, and the Irishman’s ineffectual efforts to keep the bout clean.

After being warned repeatedly by Referee Elliott, Fenton cut loose with 13 minutes gone in the second canto, and felled Mickey with a series of rights, lefts, kicks and bites.  Arbiter Elliott promptly awarded the fall to McGuire.

It was zero hour.  The ruthless Mr. Fenton returned like an avenging flame, and he and McGuire went to town.  The thud of fists resounded throughout the building, and choking fingers surrounded bulging necks.  With something like 10 minutes over, Fenton again battered down McGuire, and when Elliott attempted to break them, slapped over the referee with a nicely timed right hook.

Bloody but Unbowed

The fall was given to McGuire, and the referee turned to settle his personal score with the Lightning Rod.  After a pretty slugging match, Elliott boosted Fenton over the ropes, and followed him into the ringsides.  They battled briefly before the crowd, it’s fighting blood up, joined in.

Five minutes later a bloody but unbowed Fenton beat his chest in the middle of the ring, surrounded by a guard of four or five grapplers, who later escorted him to the dressing room, and held off the angry mob while he dressed.  All in all, it was a very satisfactory evening.


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