Kansan Wins Lone Fall In Second Overtime Period

Wichita Eagle – June 21, 1938

The Society for the Suppression of Lee Wyckoff will have to wait another season for a celebration.

The giant Kansan defended his claim to the state championship last night at Lawrence Stadium by winning a one-fall match from Everett Marshall in the second overtime period of a modified rules bout which, on the whole, was a dull affair.

The total elapsed time was one hour, 27 minutes, and 48 seconds.

The lone fall of the match came in 2:48 of the second extra session. They wrestled out the allotted one hour and a quarter without result, went to the first ten minutes extra period, likewise with no scores made, and then Wyckoff hit a homer in the second overtime, greatly to the disgust of most of the crowd estimated at 3,200 by sponsors.

The fans will be just as much divided in their opinions pro and con about Wyckoff’s wrestling ability as ever before. However, unquestionably last night, Marshall was the inferior wrestler. Outweighed by Wyckoff, the stocky blond Coloradoan gave but few flashes of his former championship ability.

On those few occasions when he did get going, he tossed Wyckoff out or over. The fans got their biggest kick when Marshall three times deposited Wyckoff in the lap of Lee’s brain trust, Maxwell Bauman, toward the end of the regular session.

But on the whole it was Wyckoff night at the stadium. Whether Marshall had a strange lapse of form, or whether Leering Lee is just a bit better than most of the folks thought is a matter of opinion. But the last-minute buzz that it was Wyckoff’s night held true. Lee forced the issue almost from the start, punished Marshall with toe holds and arm locks continually and even Marshall’s most ardent admirers were forced to admit that if Marshall had at one time been a superior wrestler he had either slipped badly last night, or didn’t care much, one or the other.

As far as a wrestling match was concerned, it wasn’t much. The big fellows toiled and tugged and sweat, while the fans were comfortable under a perfect summer evening. But there was no science displayed at any time. As for wrestling class it might have been just another Monday evening preliminary.

Referee Lou Spangle was the last-minute choice for arbiter, which was the tip off for a slight rush of wagering on Wyckoff – there wasn’t enough done, however, to break Jimmy’s penny bank. Fans constantly exhorted Spangle to watch Lee’s kneeing tactics, or punching. But the referee allowed all the old stuff to take place, on both sides of the fence.

Wyckoff by his victory settled the January draw. The two also had wrestled two or three draws in Kansas City and elsewhere.

In the semi-final, Louis Thesz, who took the title away from Marshall in December only to lose it to Crusher Casey a month later, dumped Al Getz in 16:35 of a good match. Thesz made a hit by fast and clever work.

Pat McCleary dumped Firpo Wilcox in 14:05 in the second bout and in the opener Dutch Wyman took Al Friedman to camp in 12:45.


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