WCW Update

Orlando Sentinel – May 27, 2001
By Ric Russo

Speaking of WCW, in the time since the organization dropped from the radar screen, I have received a plethora of e-mails concerning its status.

I know as much, or as little, as you do.

No relaunch date has been set by the WWF, and the wrestlers themselves — the WCW performers who came with the purchase agreement — aren’t talking either. This much is known, courtesy of WWF official and television announcer Jim Ross:

In a recent “Ross Report,” a newsletter on the WWF Web site, Ross stated that several of the WCW wrestlers would begin working next month for the WWF’s Memphis operation. Those mentioned included Mike Awesome, Sean Stasiak and Hugh Morrus. Morrus, real name William DeMott, has been working out at John Tenta’s wrestling school/promotion in Sanford.

“He can’t do interviews or anything like that, but he can wrestle for a few select promotions to keep the rust off,” said Tenta, the founder and operator of Intense Florida Wrestling. “Bill and I go back to our days in WCW together, and when he called and asked if he could come work out I was glad to have him.”

Last weekend Morrus worked a match for a card Tenta put on in Sanford.

As for when you might see him and the rest of WCW back on television, it’s anybody’s guess. Keep in mind however, that two weeks ago the WWF changed the name of its July pay-per-view event from “Fully-Loaded” to “Invasion.”

Is that an indication that we might see the likes of Morrus, Stasiak, Awesome, Lance Storm and perhaps even the Harris Boys from Apopka and others invading WWF territory at that time? Stay tuned.

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