De Rouen Versus The Turk

La Patrie – November 27, 1908

These Two Colossi Will Come To Grips Tonight, At Sohmer Park

Jenkins Was Defeated Last Night


A Bulletin from New York tells us that Yussif Mahmout, known as the Terrible Turk, has defeated Tom Jenkins, ex-champion wrestler of America, winning the first two falls of his “match” with him, at Madison Square Garden, last night.

Mahmout won the first fall in 32 minutes and 40 seconds and the second in seven minutes and 30 seconds.

Neither of the two men used the “strangle hold.”

Jenkins frankly admitted after the match, he had gotten the better of him.  Anway he would not admit the four thousand spectators present would have seen very well.  Mahmout did what he wanted and took an extended rest on the mat in an almost unconscious state at the end of the second round.

The Turk and Raoul de Rouen left last night for Montreal.  They arrived this morning.  They will wrestle mixed-styles tonight at Sohmer Park.

If both win a fall, the choice of the THIRD decision will belong to him who wins in less time.

The Turk should be a little tired after his match yesterday:  Raoul de Rouen will be a handicap in his favor.

Tonight we will see the best match ever.

Whoever can guess the result will be more skillful than a prophet.

Tonight as Tremblay and Bothner wrestle in Brooklyn.

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  1. Classic Wrestling Articles

    Hopefully readers can forgive the rough translation with this article. La Patrie was a French newspaper. The content of this article wasn’t something that I couldn’t have found elsewhere but I thought it would be pretty cool to have a French newspaper represented on the site since I mostly have US newspapers represented.

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