Who Was That Masked Woman?

Orlando Sentinel – March 25, 2001
By Ric Russo

Several recent World Wrestling Federation broadcasts have featured a mysterious woman dressed like a Ninja warrior assisting Raven during hard-core matches. The woman behind the mask is Tori — real name Terri Poch — a performer who is perhaps best remembered for her work with X-Pac and Degeneration-X faction.

Tori, who injured her shoulder and needed surgery last year, has been away from the WWF recuperating. She also has been working on another possible career when her wrestling days are over — acting.

Tuesday night Poch, 33, makes her national debut as a featured player in The National Network series 18 Wheels of Justice. The show stars Lucky Vanous.

Vanous — the guy with the great abdominal muscles from the Diet Coke commercials — plays Chance Bowman, an undercover truck driver who works for the Justice Department as it tries to thwart crime on the open road.

In the episode titled “Come Back, Little Diva,” Poch plays Desiree, an assistant to a popular singer. Her character helps Bowman, who is trying to find the source of a heroin ring.

Poch, a native of Portland, Ore, has many other interests outside of the ring. She owns her own gym, has won several body-building championships and has her pilot’s license. Before signing on with the WWF in 1998, Poch also wrestled in Japan, where she initially injured her shoulder.

Last summer Poch aggravated the injury when she put Buh Buh Ray Dudley through a table.


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