Gilbert Wins ‘Boot Match’

Florence Times – Tri-Cities Daily – March 24, 1973

Tommy Gilbert finally managed to remove both boots from opponent Jimmy Kent to win the ‘Cowboy Boot Match’ Thursday night in wrestling at the Florence National Guard Armory.

The match, in which falls do not count, can only be won by one wrestler removing both boots from his opponent.  Both men had one boot removed and used it as weapons during the remainder of the bout but Gilbert finally bested Kent to win the match.

In the first match, The Great Fuji defeated Bob Moore, substituting for Charlie Cook.  Fuji took back-to-back falls in winning, taking the first with a series of judo chops and a press.

Eddie Marlin and Tommy Gilbert teamed to meet Terry Garvin and Duke Meyers with their manager, Jim Garvin, and lost the final two falls and the match.

After winning the first fall, Garvin and Meyers took the second by use of several illegal holds on Gilbert.  By the use of an illegal double body slam while the referee’s back was turned, Garvin and Meyers took the third and deciding fall.

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