J. J. Dillon Comes In For A Crash-Landing

St. Petersburg Independent – September 28, 1983
By Gene Taylor

TAMPA – Blackjack Mulligan and Barry Windham went against Harley Race and Cowboy Ron Bass in the final match of the evening at Fort Hesterly Armory Tuesday night.  That was the scheduled lineup, but when Mike Rotondo was brought into the ring and introduced as the new Southern Heavyweight champion, he and James J. Dillon got into such a heated argument, the referee decided to put them in the match, too.

The match was mostly a series of small and large free-for-alls, with a lot of double-teaming by Race and Bass.  So Windham and Mulligan started most of the free-for-all battles, just to save one of them from being ganged up on.

Their break came when Rotondo slammed into Bass, knocking him off Windham.  Then Dillon, thinking he had an opportunity, attacked Rotondo and ended up in an old-fashioned airplane spin by Rotondo and was pinned after 10:10.

In the semifinal match, Dusty Rhodes and Abdullah The Butcher tried to massacre each other for a $10,000 prize.  Neither got it, but it was one of the wildest matches seen here in a long time.

Abdullah used a pointed object to jab repeatedly at Rhodes, but when Rhodes grabbed it, the referee saw the object and disqualified Rhodes.  The match lasted only five minutes, but Abdullah wouldn’t stop fighting, and they continued battling outside the ring for another five minutes.

In other matches, Jos LeDuc won a Canadian Death match against Angelo Mosca; Mr. Elijah Akeem and Mr. Kareem Muhammed were disqualified in their Global Tag Team title match against Mike Graham and Mike Davis; Hector Gurrero defeated Mr. Fever, and Sam Houston defeated Mr. Olympia.

2 responses to “J. J. Dillon Comes In For A Crash-Landing

  1. Do you have any crazy photos of Jos LeDuc? I grew watching his wars with Ronnie Garvin and would love to see him featured.

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