Five Matches Highlight CFCC Card

Ocala Star-Banner – October 27, 1985

Wrestler "Playboy" Buddy Rose

Playboy Buddy Rose will challenge Tyree Pride for the Bahamas title at the CFCC gym Thursday night.


Championship Wrestling from Florida returns to the Central Florida Community College gym Thursday night with a five-match card on tap.

Match time is 8 p.m.

In the main event, the team of Blackjack Mulligan and Kendall Windham will face Bob Roop and Kevin Sullivan in a triple chance cage, tag team match.

Actually there will be three cages in and around the ring.

In addition to the large cage surrounding the ring, there will be two telephone booth-size cages inside the ring.

One wrestler from each team will be locked in each of the smaller cages.  The key will be placed at the top of a long pole.  The first wrestler to reach the key and unlock his partner will have a two to one advantage.

Kendall Windham and his father, Mulligan are coming off a victory over the Cuban Assassin, Sullivan and Roop in the main event of an NWA sanctioned card in Tampa last week.

Barry Windham, Kendall’s older brother arrived at the last second to help his team pull out the victory.

There are four other matches on tap at CFCC.  In a Bahamas heavyweight title match, Playboy Buddy Rose, will take on champion Tyree Pride.

Hector Guerrero will face another newcomer, the Cuban Assassin, in another match.

In preliminary bouts, Frank Lane will tangle with Prince Iaukea and Coco Samoa will battle St. Petersburg’s Jack Hart.

For more information on the CFCC show, call 237-2111.

* * *

The International Wrestling Alliance (IWA) is scheduled to return to the Big Sun area on Nov. 9 at the Citrus County Fairgrounds.

Tiger Conway Jr., Bugsy McGraw, Dr. Red Roberts, the Golden Grahams, and Ravishing Randy Rose are among the wrestlers slated to appear on that card.

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