Strangler Lewis Visits This City

Milwaukee Journal – July 25, 1916

Ed (Strangler) Lewis, a Wisconsin product, who with Joe Stecher is the logical claimant of world’s wrestling honors now that Frank Gotch has come out with a statement that he is through with the mat game, was a visitor in town for a few hours Monday evening. He stopped off at 6:40 p.m. and boarded a train at 9 o’clock for Richmond, Va., where he will transact a little real estate business during the next few days.

From Richmond he will travel to Old Orchard, Me., where he will appear in motion pictures, taking the part of Hector in a movie play entitled “Iliad.” This will be the Strangler’s first appearance as a movie star and should he make good he may decided to stay in the business.

In regard to the Joe Stecher match which was held on July 4 at Omaha, Neb., he says that the bout was one of the hardest he has ever participated in. “We wrestled five hours without either of us securing a fall. At the end of the bout, which was halted by the referee, Stecher appeared to be all in. His pulse was 125 and according to those who witnessed the encounter he could not have stood the strain ten minutes longer.

“I offered Stecher a return match but he refused to accept it, saying he was through wrestling with me. I cannot account for his statement, as I always gave him a square deal in every one of our matches. I intend to rest up during the summe rmonths, getting back into the game some time in September. If Gotch retires, as he says he will, and Stecher makes good his statement that he will not wrestle with me again, I will lay claim to the heavyweight wrestle title.

“I would like awfully well to put on an exhibition in this city for the benefit of those interested in the sport.”

Lewis gained fame when he won the championship at a tournament staged in New York recently. In the tournament, he defeated such men as Zbyszko, Dr. Roller, Charley Cutler, Hussane and a host of other well known grapplers. He was not defeated once and New York sport critics immediately hailed him as the world’s champion. Sport critics of Gotham claim that he is the greatest card and box office attraction now before the public.

Lewis’ home is in Nekoosa, Wis., a little upstate town. He intends making a trip back to this town some time this winter in the hopes of stirring up something in the line of wrestling in Milaukee. “I have been in the game four years and I like it better every time I enter the ring,” was his statement just before boarding the train for Richmond.


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