Thesz Stakes Title Tonight With Torres

Sacramento Union, February 23, 1953

Sacramento gets its first world championship wrestling match in years tonight when Lou Thesz will defend his title against Enrique Torres, Pacific Coast champion.

It will be a three-faller over a one-hour time limit.

Thesz, managed by Ed (Strangler) Lewis, is a powerful box-office lure and last year his earnings amounted to more than $100,000.

Lewis was five times holder of the world wrestling crown, winning it the last time at the advanced age of 45.

The old Strangler has worked scientifically with Thesz and, unlike the Gorgeous Georges, Nature Boys, and Masked Marvels, the present champ is a solid campaigner who knows all the holds.

At 32, he’s in the prime as far as wrestlers go and gives promise of staying on top for some time to come.

Torres defeated Ray Eckert recently in Fresno to annex the state title.

Promoter Donn Shields has booked two preliminaries in support of his title match. They are:

Ben Sharpe vs. Roy McClarty, 45 minutes, two out of three falls; Ramon Cernades vs. Mike Sharpe, 30 minutes, one fall.

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