Thesz, Lindsey Battle To A Draw

Honolulu Star-Bulletin – March 3, 1966

Former world champion Lou Thesz and Luther Lindsey wrestled to a draw in one of the triple main events last night on the Civic Auditorium mat card.

Thesz took the first fall with a body scissors, but Lindsey was awarded the second with a flying arm lock. Time ran out before either grappler could gain the deciding three-second count.

Ripper Collins defeated the Golden Terror when the masked wrestler was counted out for the third and deciding fall. Collins took the first fall with an atomic drop and the Terror countered with a half-crab submission hold.

Johnny Barend and “Oddjob” Togo took two out of three falls from Nick Kozak and Lord Blears in the tag match.

Neff Maiava defeated Lou (Shoulders) Newman in a preliminary match when the referee disqualified Newman for receiving off-the-mat aid from Johnny Barend.

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