Ripper Collins Beats Reed For Title

Honolulu Star-Bulletin – January 20, 1966

Ripper Collins lifted Ron Reed’s Hawaiian heavyweight title last night by taking two out of three falls at the Honolulu International Center Arena.

Reed won the first fall with a reverse cradle, but Collins captured the second by applying the boots to his foe’s head and stomach. Reed then missed with a flying dropkick and Collins subdued him with an atomic drop.

Ray Stevens and Pat Patterson retained their world’s tag-team championship when Kenji Shibuya and Nick Bockwinkel were disqualified after each team had captured a fall. The latter pair provoked the referee’s wrath when they threw Patterson over the ropes.

Johnny Barend pinned Bearcat Wright, but the referee awarded the match to Wright because his opponent used the ropes in gaining an edge.

Nick Kozak successfully defended his United States championship against the Golden Terror.

Gil Ane downed Fuji Fujiwara when the latter was disqualified for using illegal karate tactics. Each wrestler had won a fall.

Alberto Torres and Joe Scarpa wound up in a draw.

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