Lou Thesz Held To Draw Before Record Gate

Sacramento Union – February 24, 1953

Lou Thesz, wrestling champion of the world, was held to a one-hour draw last night in Memorial Auditorium by Enrique Torres, who holds the Pacific Coast championship. A sellout crowd, largest mat turnout in 15 years, contributed to a record gross of $4,776.05.

Thesz won the first fall in 37:45 with a flying body scissors. Torres came back to take the second flip in one minute with a body slam. Then the two well-matched warriors spun out the time without the decisive third fall. Both Torres and Thesz applied headlocks in the final minute, but the victims escaped. It was a wild finish for the packed house.

Mike Sharpe, using an arm stretch and a hammerlock, won the last two falls after Roy McClarty took the opening fall with a dropkick.

Ben Sharpe won the curtain raiser in 20:10, pinning Ramon Cernades with a body press.


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