Barend Lays Kozak Out With Cane

Honolulu Star-Bulletin – January 27, 1966

There was extra-curricular action in the wrestling ring last night at Civic Auditorium.

Nick Kozak was supposed to meet Ripper Collins in a feature match. But before things got under way, Johnny Barend sneaked into the ring and attack Kozak with a cane. Kozak was rendered hors de combat and Nick Bockwinkel had to substitute for him. He and Collins split two falls and no one could get a second pin before the time limit.

In the six-man tag match, the trio of Neff Maiava, Kozak and Bockwinkel defeated Barend, Collins and Beauregarde.

Beauregarde took the first fall from Maiava with a body press, but Maiava returned the compliment with a head butt and press. Collins and his cohorts were then disqualified for using the ropes to choke Kozak.

The Golden Terror downed Gil Ane. The Terror took the first fall with a roll over. Ane retaliated with a body slam. A shoe to the stomach, plus a press, gave the Terror the deciding fall.

Dean Higuchi and Fuji Fujiwara drew in their match.

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