Casey Loses Main Event To Ted Cox

Sacramento Union – December 15, 1942

Jim Casey, the Wild Irishman, roughhoused his way to a disqualification in the first fall of the main event between he and Ted (King Kong) Cox last night in Memorial Auditorium by slugging everyone and anyone who came within reach of his brawny arms.

It might have been satisfying to the bloodthirsty fan, but referee Bud Garrison took the brunt of the attack and for awhile it was a tossup just who was the boss.

Casey came back to win the second fall and then bowed in the third.

Other matches:

Abe Kashey and El Pulpo each took a fall and then drew on the third. Ivan Rasputin, using an overhead hold, felled Dr. Freddy Meyers in 21:31.

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