Ambling Alp Brings Gate Of $3,291

Sacramento Union – February 15, 1949

Primo Carnera, former world’s heavyweight boxing champion, proved a magnate to Sacramento’s wrestling industry last night as he attracted approximately 3,000 fans to Memorial Auditorium in a match against Dan O’Connor, Boston Irishman.

Carnera, who didn’t have too much trouble in scoring a two-out-of-three falls victory over O’Connor, brought in a net gate of $3,291.44.

The Ambling Alp tossed O’Connor with a triple headlock the first time, then came back with a toehold backdrop to provide the clincher.

Max Baer, who won the world’s heavyweight boxing title from Carnera in 1934, joined the huge Italian in the ring before the match for a reunion.

In the opener, Pete Peterson and Tommy O’Toole marked up a two-out-of-three falls tag team wrestling victory over Frederick Von Schacht and Lee Henning, Pacific Coast champion.

The card drew slightly more than the big turnout attracted by Gorgeous George last year.

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