Keneston Wins Over Dude Chick

Los Angeles Times – October 11, 1938

Dude Chick’s attempt to win back his wrestling title from Bob Keneston last night at the Hollywood Legion Stadium met with failure as Keneston gained the final fall to keep his mat laurels.

Keneston copped the first fall in 25m. 34s. with a neck swivel. Chick came back in the second round to win in 13m. 21s. with an airplane spin. Chick appeared headed for the title in the third heat, but the referee got his signals mixed and after counting Keneston out, decided that the fall should be replayed.

This suited Keneston and while the fans howled their disapproval, Keneston jumped on Chick and pinned him with another neck swivel in 7m. 23s.

In the semi-windup, Bob Wagner and Bobby Roberts battled to a 45-minute draw. Each grappler had a fall. Wagner took the first in 16m. with a cannonball drop and Roberts the second in 14m. 47s. with a reverse airplane spin.

Honors in the special event went to Mr. X who applied his X special to down Nick Bozzinis in 12m. 24s. Abe Goldberg defeated Steve Strelich in 10m. 19s. with a hammer lock and half-Nelson. In the opener, Steve Paskoff used a leg breaker to pin Bill Hall in 9m. 22s.


2 responses to “Keneston Wins Over Dude Chick

  1. Is this the same Dude Chick who lived on Coldwater Canyon in the San Fernande Valley in 1958? He owned apartments, I think.

    • Classic Wrestling Articles

      I have a lot of information stored in my noggin but I can’t say I’ve ever heard or remembered whether or not Dude Chick owned apartments. Maybe someone else will stumble upon this article and comment that DOES know.

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