Battering With A Chair Led To Disqualification

St. Petersburg Independent – July 6, 1983
Gene Taylor

Cowboy Ron Bass apparently thought he could beef up his chances against Dusty Rhodes and Blackjack Mulligan Tuesday night if he rounded up Ox Baker for his partner in the Special Challenge wrestling match at packed Fort Hesterly Armory.

Bass and Baker were trying too hard to bring destruction to their opponents.  They had little success, until Baker sneaked up behind Mulligan and floored him with a blow to the neck.  That gave them a chance to do some selective double-teaming.

Rhodes retaliated with a foot in Baker’s stomach, momentarily gaining the advantage, but immediately losing it to the same tactic by Baker.  Bass didn’t seem anxious to go against Rhodes until this happened.  Then he jumped in and put a punishing toe hold on him.

The referee had little success keeping the match honest, and when Bass and Baker completely ignored all rules and began beating on Rhodes’ leg with a chair, he stopped the match and disqualified Baker and Bass – but not before Mulligan got a chair, too, and drove the pair out of the ring while the crowd roared in delight.  Time was 10 minutes.

The semifinal was a handicap match, with Barry Windham going against Elijah Akeem and The Exotic Adrian Street.  After Akeem jammed his fingers in Windham’s eyes, the latter’s chances seemed slim.  He took several hard body slams, and was only half-conscious when Street tagged in.

Street was feeling good until Akeem attempted to help him by making a diving drop on Windham.  Windham rolled away just in time and Akeem landed on Street, which gave Windham a prime opportunity to make the pin, after 12:09.

In other matches, Angelo Mosca and Outlaw Bobby Duncum lost their Global Tag Team title to Mike Graham and Scott McGhee; Brad Armstrong lost to The Purple Haze; Kevin Sullivan defeated Bob Russell; Penny Mitchell defeated Joyce Grable; and The Professional and Charlie Cook wrestled to a time limit draw.

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