Baker’s Souffle Attempt Flops

St. Petersburg Independent – March 29, 1978
Gene Taylor

TAMPA – The team of Killer Karl Kox and 311-pound Ox Baker came close, but they couldn’t keep the dynamic duo of Dusty Rhodes and Rocky Johnson down for the three-count last night.

Rhodes and Johnson dominated the turbulent steel cage match at Fort Hesterly Armory in the early minutes, but both fell victim to sleeper holds which nearly cost them the match.

Baker tried a backward soufflé on Johnson, but the attempt failed and left Baker dazed.  Johnson pinned him with a lateral press in 15 minutes of the scheduled one-hour match.

Dick Slater lost the Southern Heavyweight title match to Jack Brisco in a 13-minute battle.  Slater concentrated on Brisco’s ribs, which Brisco had injured earlier trying to help his brother Jerry, who was wrestling Bob Roop.  Slater thus prevented Brisco from being able to follow up effectively on many moves he made.  The referee disqualified Slater for using illegal tactics and failing to release a hold when ordered.

The team of Mike Graham and Steve Keirn retained their U.S. Tag Team title against arch-enemies Mr. Saito and Mr. Sato.

After putting Keirn out with a sleeper hold, Mr. Saito went out of the ring to get Graham.  Saito ignored the referee’s order to return and was disqualified after a 20-minute battle.

In other matches last night, Roop’s bag of tricks didn’t fool Jerry Brisco, who won his match; popular Pedro Morales pinned the shaggy-maned Jack Ruggers, and Don Serano beat Terry Gibbs.

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