Garvin Got It Back

St. Petersburg Independent – May 2, 1979
Gene Taylor

TAMPA – For a moment Tuesday night at Fort Homer Hesterly Armory, Jim Garvin saw his Florida Heavyweight title slip into the clutches of Bugsy McGraw while the referee was looking the other way.

Although McGraw outweighed him by a considerable margin, Garvin’s superior speed and his wrestling ability kept McGraw off balance and on the mat much of the time.  It was also causing a slow burn in the huge man from Indiana.

When the burn finally touched his fuse, McGraw threw away the rulebook and exploded with illegal tactics.  Garvin had his hands full, but managed to hang on until McGraw slammed him into the corner where Sonny King was seconding.  King threw some unidentified objects into Garvin’s face, which stunned Garvin and enabled McGraw to make the pin-fall.

The referee did not see the interference, so he gave the match to McGraw.  However, Buddy Rogers entered the ring and convinced the referee, Frenchy Bernard, of what had happened and the decision was reversed.  Time was 10:03.

Because of injuries suffered Saturday night at Bayfront Center Arena, Dusty Rhodes could not meet the Magnificent Morocco, so Steve Keirn substituted for Rhodes, and ended up in a hassle with special referee, Killer Karl Kox.

The Magnificent Morocco’s matches, since his return, have been tag-team affairs in which he escaped much of the action.  However, Tuesday night he couldn’t avoid it and he proved he has much wrestling talent.

Morocco seemed surprised at Keirn’s ability, and if Keirn hadn’t caught some fingers in the eyes a couple times, the outcome might have been different.  Keirn became very angered and got careless, which placed him in the position of being shoved into Kox, the referee.

Kox immediately assumed Keirn had done it on purpose and reprimanded him.  Keirn couldn’t convince him otherwise, and he appeared to lose some of his spirit.

Keirn took a severe beating after this, being thrown out of the ring several times, and finally succumbed to a pin by Morocco after 19:18.

Another disappointment to the crowd was the loss of the Special Challenge Match by Jerry Brisco and Ox Baker to Pak Song and Killer Kahn.

Before the start of the match, Killer Kahn got permission from the referee to go through a ceremonial ritual, in which he placed white granules in three corners of the ring.  This apparently was a ruse, as he passed a quantity of the stuff, which appeared to be salt, to Pak Song also.

Immediately after the bell sounded, Pak threw the substance in Baker’s eyes, apparently causing great pain.  Although Brisco and Baker did their best, Baker had been effectively slowed and eventually slowed and eventually succumbed to the abdominal claw by Killer Kahn in 11:52.

In his grudge match with Sonny King, Ray Candy lost the intiative when King rolled away from his off-the-ropes body press, and King pinned him with a modified cradle in 6:27.

Bubba Douglas defeated Herb Calvert and The Blond Bombers strutted their way to victory over Cyclone Negro and Don Serrano.

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