11-Man Battle For Mat Fans

Panama City News-Herald – December 5, 1971

wrestlers Dick Dunn and Cowboy Bob Kelly sign their contracts alongside promoter Rocky McGuire

WRESTLERS SIGN – Two of the 11 wrestlers who will compete in the big battle royal Thursday night at Rainbow Garden sign up with Promoter Rocky McGuire. Left is Dick Dunn, right is Cowboy Bob Kelly. They usually wrestle as a team.

An 11-man battle royal for a $250 purse, featuring the return of long time favorite Lee Fields, is scheduled for next Thursday night’s wrestling card at Rainbow Gardens, when Fans’ Appreciation Night will be observed with everyone admitted for $1.

In addition there will be five other matches, so it will be a big evening for local grappling fans.  Promoter Rocky McGuire announced new heating equipment has been installed and the arena will be comfortable no matter what the outside temperature may be.

Jackie Welch will wrestle Bad Boy Hines, Greg Peterson will take on the Silver Assassin, Dick Dunn will face Black Bart, Cowboy Bob Kelly will wrestle Johnny Valentine, and the Wrestling Pro will meet Rocket Monroe in a grudge match.

The Pro and Monroe were on opposite sides in last week’s tag team match, which was stopped by the referee when neither man would pay any attention to him.  A single match between the two ended in a double disqualification for the same reason.

Then the 10 other wrestlers plus Fields will get into the ring and battle at the same time for the special purse.

Action will get under way at 8:15 p.m.

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