Wrestling Match

Nashville Dispatch – October 17, 1866

The Reputed Champion of the United States Defeated by a Negro.

Yesterday afternoon the first excitement of the sporting season came off at the race-course, in the shape of a wrestling match, for a purse of $1,000.  The contestants were a white man, named Uzile Prickett, the reputed champion of the United States, and a negro named Simon Thompson, raised by Mr. John Thompson, a few miles from the city.

At three o’clock the parties were on the grounds and began preparing for the struggle.  Both stripped to the waist, the negro performing the operation in about two minutes, while his antagonist tired the spectators by absorbing about half an hour in endless maneuvers, displaying all the while the most complete satisfaction.  The negro hung his head and looked half dejected, but gained spirit before the other had completed his preparations satisfactorily to himself. – The wrestle was the best two in three, and the betting ran three to one on the white man.

At last the parties clenched but the struggle was a short one, the negro throwing his antagonist fairly in a few seconds.  Still the crowd seemed to have confidence in the white man, and the betting was all one sided.

After resting a few minutes, the two men were called to time.  Prickett handled himself cautiously, but the negro had it all his own way, and threw his antagonist inside of half a minute.

There were probably 700 spectators present, and loud cheers greeted the conclusion of each round.  The backers of Prickett were much disappointed in the result of the match, and considerable money changed hands.

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