The New York Clipper – April 21, 1866

We have received the following communication in response to the statement that Uzile Prickett was willing to wrestle any man in the world for $1000 a side.  We would say, however, that no such challenge as that alluded to appeared in our columns, but as Prickett has since challenged the Delaware colored man to wrestle for that amount, or any man in the world for $10,000, we presume he will not hesitate to close with this offer.  Here is the “doc.”: –

-Jamestown, April 9, 1866

Frank Queen – Sir: – We notice in the Clipper of March 17th that Uzile Prickett challenges any man in the world to wrestle him for $1000 a side, but does not mention the holds.  We will accept the challenge upon condition that Mr. Prickett will agree to wrestle collar and elbow, square hold, right hand to collar, left to elbow, best two in three, each man to stand up and show fair play.  Our man, weighing in the ring about 160 lbs., will give or take 15 lbs.  To wrestle at Jamestown or Buffalo on four weeks notice.  If this suits Mr. Prickett let him answer through the Clipper immediately. – Yours, W. H. Gould & Co.

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