Girls Please Crowd At Wrestling Show With Holds Galore

The Southeast Missourian – July 13, 1953

Ethel Johnson put up a clean, clever fight Saturday night in the wrestling show at the Arena and quickly won the last two falls from her heavier opponent.  Babs Wingo, who had won the first with dirty play that would rival Red Roberts, capped by an “atomic drop” and a body press.  The “atomic drop” is a back breaker across the knee.

The Negro girls put on a sterling exhibition of fancy wrestling for the record crowd that filled the Arena almost to capacity.  Both as agile as cats, they flew through the ring at each other, tossed each other with ease over their heads and even used the out-of-date full nelson.

After losing the first fall, Ethel came back, slammed Babs off the ropes and got picked up herself for a body slam.  But the weakened Babs tottered and fell with Ethel on top for a body press in 20 seconds.

Ethel won the third fall with a series of flying drop kicks and a body press.

In the nightcap match Ed and Herb Welch were victorious over Rube Walker and Red Roberts.

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