Beef-Type Men, Girlies To Wrestle In Separate Bouts Scheduled Tonight

The Southeast Missourian – July 11, 1953

Plenty of action is forecast for tonight at the Arena when Ed and Herb Welch team up against Red Roberts and Rube Wright in a tag-team match, for two out of three falls and a 60-minute time limit.

It has been several months since the popular tag bout has been fought here.

With no title at stake it seems quite likely that the Welches can beat Roberts and his partner.  Roberts always tightens up in the clutches when his championship belt is on the line, but without this incentive the old master may loaf.  At any rate he and Wright should give a complete demonstration of the more brutal points of mat warfare.

The first bout of the evening will be a regulation feature-length fray between two Negro women wrestlers, Babs Wingo and Ethel Johnson.  The latter is confined entirely to clean wrestling and is a strong believer that speed and science will win over a rough style girl.

She may have a chance to prove her point with Babs Wingo, who, while not a mean grappler exactly, can get wrought up to a hair-pulling frenzy in the heat of a match, it is reported.  She seems to relish bumps and bruises.

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