Detroit Purse Is Impounded

Associated Press – April 28, 1936

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Dick Shikat, deposed champ of the wrestling heavyweights, used up about 3,000 words today in filing a federal court answer and counter claim to the charge of Joe Alvarez, Boston matchmaker, that he had “jumped” a managerial contract.

Alvarez was not in court to hear the answer, evidently having lost interest in the proceeding since Shikat dropped his title to Ali Baba in a Detroit ring Friday night.

Only Fred Rector, counsel for Alvarez, was present and he asked a continuance so he might secure the deposition of Paul Bowser, Boston promoter, whom Shikat claims is one of the leaders in his prosecution.

Judge Mell G. Underwood granted a continuance to May 12 and permitted Shikat to take part in any matches he has booked up to that time. Shikat’s end of the Detroit purse, however, was ordered impounded by the court until the case is settled.

Shikat’s answer denies that he entered into a contract with Alvarez, and contended that Bowser was to be the manager. It charged that the Bostonians had never arranged or paid him for a match, and that a promise to return to him $15,000 of a $20,000 forfeit had never been fulfilled;

Declared that he had never received 12 – per cent of the “gate” for any of his bouts, as called for in the contract;

Declared that he was forced to put up the $20,000 forfeit to show that he would obey orders relative to winning or losing matches;

Declared that he was ordered by Jack Curley and Rudy Dusek, of New York, to lose to Danno O’Mahoney in the world title match March 2 in Madison Square Garden, but that he “crossed” them and won;

Declared that Alvarez had not filed the managerial contract with the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission until 11 days after Shikat won the title, although it was signed more than two years before;

Asked that the contract be declared null and void, that the plaintiff’s plea be dismissed, and that Alvarez be forced to pay the court costs.

The answer also charged that six wrestling promoters had signed a profit-sharing contract, and that it was impossible to get matches in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and other mat centers unless funds were posted as forfeits to assure that orders would be obeyed.

The promoters named by Shikat are Jack Curley, of New York; Paul Bowser, of Boston; Ray Fabiani, of Philadelphia; Ed White, of Chicago; Tom Packs, of St. Louis, and Joe Mondt, of California.

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