Angered Mat Fan Assaults Referee

Detroit Free Press – April 21, 1936

An angered fan attacked referee Ted Greis as he stepped from the Arena Gardens ring last night but the ring official, strong and youthful, quite gallantly refused to strike back because his assailant was wearing glasses.

Greis started to retaliate but noticed the spectacles and his hand dropped to his side as police rushed in to hustle the demonstrator off to Canfield Police Station.

The fan claimed that Gries was favoring the villainous Nanjo Singh by refusing to call fouls perpetrated against Jose Manuel, Portuguese grappler, who eventually lost a fast three-fall match to the Hindu.

Singh won the first fall with his cobra head strangle in 20:05 and the third with the same hold in 2:50. Manuel took the middle fall with his judo headlock in 3:40 and he had the fans standing on the chairs a minute before the final fall when it appeared that Mr. Singh, public enemy No. 1 of the Arena fans, might lose the match. The wily Nanjo suddenly turned Jose’s judo hold into one of his own choice cobras for a victory.

John Swenski took Bad Man Lewis in two quick falls in the semi-final, the first in 4:51 and the second in 3:15. French LaRue beat Bobby Roberts in one of the supporting matches, while Whitey Wahlberg took Al George in the opener. More than 2,800 persons saw the bargain card.

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