Ali Baba Given Shikat Match

Detroit Free Press – April 15, 1936

Dick Shikat, world professional wrestling champion, has been signed to defend his title against Ali Baba, the Turk, promoter Adam Weissmuller announced Tuesday night. The match will be held Friday, April 24, at Olympia.

Ali Baba, who came to the United States six months ago, has become one of the leading contenders for the championship Shikat wrested from Danno O’Mahoney a little more than a month ago in Philadelphia (sic). He earned the chance for the title match Monday night by throwing the bearded Ivan Rasputin 22 minutes at Arena Gardens. The winner was promised a bout with Shikat.

Baba has wrestled seven times in Detroit and has won each time. Most of the matches lasted less than five minutes.

Weissmuller has booked the match for Olympia because the anticipated crowd is more than can be accomodated at the latter place.

Shikat probably will have a weight advantage on the small but chunky Ali Baba. Shikat has weighed approximately 230 for most of his matches, while Baba has weighed in at around 200.


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