4 Girls Featured On Stadium Mat Card

The Washington Afro-American – June 8, 1957



Fourteen of the world’s greatest wrestling stars, including four outstanding girl athletes, will see action on the big outdoor show which features undefeated Ricki Starr and the amazing Antonino Rocca at Griffith Stadium Monday night.

The program is the biggest mat show ever held in the ball park and will bring Rocca and Starr together in what is heralded as “The Dream Match” of wrestling history.

Starr, the whirling and twirling ballet sensation who has been voted the No. 1 wrestler of 1957 and Rocca, the colorful, bouncing Argentinian, are clashing in a two-out-of-three falls, 60-minute time limit event.

* * *

THE SPECIAL girls contest will pair off Marva Scott and Kathleen Wimberly against Babs Wingo and Lulu Mae Provo for two-out-of-three falls, one hour time limit match that promises plenty of action.

Another team battle will list Wilbur Snyder, the new U.S. heavyweight champion, and Chief Big Heart, the Osage Indian, against Prof. Roy Shire and Dr. Jerry Graham.

Tarzan Killer Kowalski has been matched with Czaya Nandor and Edouard Carpentier.  “The Flying Frenchman,” takes on Karl Von Hess to complete the great lineup.

2 responses to “4 Girls Featured On Stadium Mat Card

  1. I would love to read more about Babs Wingo. What a name. I dug a little on her after seeing her name in the Pierce biography, great back-story.

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