Zuma, Starr, Calhoun In Mat Bouts

Sunday Herald – August 30, 1959

Four favorites, including a newcomer, will enhance the next weekly wrestling card at the City Arena and on Channel 5 via WNEW-TV on Wednesday.  And each one has the individuality of being a strikingly-different type than the other popular contenders.

The Amazing Zuma, Ricki Starr, Haystacks Calhoun and Bearcat Wright all fall sharply into different categories while having this in common: enjoying fan esteem.  Their next outing here will see Zuma going against Al Smith; Starr taking on Tiger Jack Vanskey; Calhoun battling Miguel Torres and Judo Jack Terry in a handicap match; and Wright tackling the Zebra Kid.  Conversely, the opposition in each case is distinctly out of favor.

ZUMA IS THE acrobatic “small man” who cuts down bigger foes to size with his whirlwind, perpetual motion-like gymnastics and viewers will enjoy watching him employ his spectacular tactics against Smith, a bearded badman from Port Jefferson, N. Y.

Starr, onetime ballet dancer who delights audiences and humiliates opponents with a unique technique unmatched elsewhere in pro wrestling, will face the bull-necked Vanskey, a toughie from Tampa, in a co-feature with the Zuma-Smith bout.

The massive Calhoun, 601-pounder from Morgan’s Corner, Ark., takes on a tandem in a familiar one-against-two pattern.  He was flipped out of the ring recently by Terry and another partner, so has a score to settle Wednesday.  Wright, superbly-built product of Jamaica in the West Indies, has impressed in two quick victories here and will have solid backing as he faces the villainous Zebra Kid, a masked mat-man.

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