Waterbury Mat Bouts Click; Meriden To Run

Sunday Herald – November 24, 1957

Professional wrestling’s flood tide of prosperity in Connecticut hit one of its higher waves when a benefit card sponsored by the Waterbury B’nai B’rith drew a large attendance to Buckingham Hall which paid a gross of $3,539.50.

It was the second good “house” in a row for the Brass City lodge, which did big business with a similar mat project several months ago.

The large gallery drawn to the show arranged by Co-Chmn. Sol Bernstein and Bob Kosowsky saw Antonino Rocca and Ricki Starr defeat Prof. Roy Shire and Dr. Jerry Graham in the feature of a program loaded with all the traditional phases of a bang-up card.

The after-glow gave regular Waterbury promoter Tony Paoli a strong foundation on which to build as he prepared to resume his own operations as a mat impresario with a Monday show featuring Don Eagle vs. Killer Kowalski and including three other bouts.

* * *

With New Haven Arena presenting grappling shows every other Saturday and Hartford promoting on a frequent basis, too, Meriden will join the parade with another offering at the City Hall Auditorium on Nov. 27, Thanksgiving Eve.

Promoter Val Callahan, who recently had a good turnout for a revival show, will present Antonino Rocca and Prof. Roy Shire in the feature and is planning to show the Lewin Bros., Mark and Don, in a supporting tag team match.


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