Tolos Boys, Zuma And Starr In Mat Bouts

Sunday Herald – August 2, 1959

The rough-tough Tolos brothers, who typify wrestling villainy at its worst; the Amazing Zuma, a sensational acrobatic type; and whirling, twirling ex-ballet dancer Ricki Starr make encore appearances to feature the weekly all-star wrestling card that can be seen “live’ at the City Arena and on television via WNEW-TV, New York (Channel 5) on Wednesday.

The Tolos brethren will battle Gregory Jarque, Barcelona, and Rito Romero, Mexico City, in a tag team match; Zuma will engage bearded Al Smith, badman from Port Jefferson, N. Y.; and Starr will go against big Miquel Torres, from Mexico.

Several demonstrations here amply prove Chris and John Tolos, from Hamilton, Ont., rate the label of “Canadian Roughnecks.”  Last Wednesday was typical as they battled huge Haystacks Calhoun and lithe Red Bastien to a draw in a riotous tussle.  After a split in two falls both tandems were counted out battling outside the ring for the deciding fall.

ZUMA from Argentina, is a dynamic, diminutive strong-man who competes bare-footed, performs delightful deeds of agility and both baffles and defeats opponents with tricky legwork – all this at times accompanied by banshee-like cries or shrill victory yells.

Starr, with one of the most unique styles the mat game has ever known, has won back his old popularity here in spectacular style after only a few appearances following a long absence.  Graceful as only a onetime balleter can be, farcical in his gestures, and maddenly elusive and taunting to opponents, Ricki, from Greenwich Village, is a crowd-pleaser in a class by himself.

One newcomer will bow in – Ken Ackles, a top-flighter who left wrestling temporarily to turn actor in “L’il Abner” productions.  Paired with him is veteran toughie Angelo Savoldi, from Parsipanny, N. J.

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