‘Rassling Draws 3d Garden Sellout

The Spokesman-Review – March 29, 1957

NEW YORK, March 28, (AP) – Wrestling will have its third straight sellout at Madison Square Garden Saturday night, promoter Walter Johnston said today.

Johnston’s spokesman, Vic Scutari, said, “We’re a cinch to pull around 20,000.  Veteran box office men at the Garden said it’s the first time they can recall where wrestlers sold out three days before the matches, and this takes in the days of Strangler Lewis and Jim Londes.”

Wrestling matches here no longer are televised.

Main lures for Saturday’s fans are Antonino Rocca, the Argentine drop-kick artist, who is featured in an Australian tag-team match, and Ricki Starr, billed as “the only ballet dancer in the world with a cauliflower ear.”

Ricki will meet at opponent billed as “Paul Bunyan, 415-pound, 8-foot 2-inch Walla Walla lumberjack.”


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