Appear In State…

Sunday Herald – June 8, 1958

Fabulous Kangaroos 6-8-58Al Costello, left, and Don Heffernan, the “Australian Kangaroos,” will follow up a June 7th tag team match with Antonino Rocca and Ricki Starr at the New Haven Arena with a feature bout against Chief Big Heart and Chief Kit Fox as wrestling returns to Bridgeport via a June 16th show at the Pleasure Beach ballroom.

2 responses to “Appear In State…

  1. It is Roy Heffernan on the left and Al Costello on the right.

    • Classic Wrestling Articles

      You are correct. I never change the way (other than true typos / misspelled words) that these articles are written, which is why it also says Don Heffernan instead of Roy. I think there is definitely historical merit to the articles posted on this site but everything has to be taken with a grain of salt as each article is written by some member of the media, many of whom knew absolutely nothing about wrestling when they wrote the article. SO, the site will also act as a funny look at the way wrestling has been portrayed throughout the past 100+ years. It’s a pretty interesting evolution of coverage from the late 1800s through today.

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