The National Police Gazette: New York – January, 6 1883

CLARENCE WHISTLER has not yet given up the idea that he can throw Joe Acton.  On Dec. 20 James Pilkington, Whistler’s staunch backer, called at the POLICE GAZETTE office, deposited $100 with Richard K. Fox and left the following challenge for his champion:

NEW YORK, Dec. 20, 1882.

To the Sporting Editor of the POLICE GAZETTE:

Sir: I am not satisfied with the ending of my recent wrestling match with Joe Acton for $1,000 a side at Madison Square Garden on Dec. 18.  I was overtrained and that is the reason I failed to win a fall.  Now I challenge Acton to wrestle me again, catch-as-catch can for $1,000 a side and the championship of America, and I will allow him $250 for expenses to wrestle in Kansas City, four weeks from signing articles, Richard K. Fox, of the POLICE GAZETTE, to be final stakeholder.  Now I allowed Acton $100 to wrestle in New York and if he is the champion, as the press claims, he should at once agree to arrange a match.  To prove I mean business my backer, James Pilkington, has posted $100 forfeit with the POLICE GAZETTE and I shall be ready to meet Acton or his backer at the above office any day he shall name to post $150 more and sign articles to wrestle for $1,000 a side.


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