Edwin Bibby

The National Police Gazette: New York – February 9, 1884



This noted athlete, whose name is a household word in the wrestling world, is a native of England, and he has figured in numerous matches both in England and America.  His most important matches were with Joe Acton, the Little Demon.  Bibby’s first match with Acton was for £25, and Acton won, on Dec. 27, 1873.

On April 17, 1875, they met again, and Acton was again victorious.  Bibby afterward challenged Acton at catch weight.  They met on Nov. 13, 1875, and Bibby won.  Another match, growing out of this, came off between Acton and Bibby April 8, 1876, and was won by Acton in the presence of 4,000 spectators.  On June 3, 1876, Bibby turned the tables and defeated Acton.  On Feb. 8, 1879, Bibby defeated Acton.  On June 7, 1882, Bibby and Acton wrestled for $1,000 and the championship of the world.  The stakes were held by Richard K. Fox, and the match was a well-contested one and resulted in a victory for Acton.  Bibby has wrestled with all the best men in that line, and has defeated Andre Christol, Prof. Bauer, Wm. Muldoon, Clarence Whistler, Heygsler, the Oak of the Rhine, and numerous others.  He is acknowledged to be the best Graeco-Roman wrestler in the world, while at catch-as-catch-can wrestling he has only one master, and that is Joe Acton, of Philadelphia.  Bibby’s last two matches were with Mamou, the French champion, and Matsada Sorakichi, the Japanese champion, in both of which matches he won.  On Feb. 1, at Providence, near Scranton, Pa., he is to meet John Conners in a match, catch-as-catch-can, best two in three falls, “Police Gazette” rules, for $1,000.


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