Smith Beat 3 Foes To Earn Windup Match

Reading Eagle – March 1, 1957

In order to “qualify” for Saturday night’s windup meeting with the sensational Ricki Starr at the Armory it was necessary for black-bearded Al Smith to defeat three mat opponents in one night.

Smith accomplished that feat the night of Feb. 16 when he won Promoter Ray Fabiani’s one-night tournament in the drillshed.  The bearded behemoth disposed of The Mountaineer and Fritz Von Wallick in the preliminary rounds and then flattened Bob (The Body) Keith to climax a busy night.

His efforts that night, however, should pay off, and handsomely, Saturday evening.  Starr is wrestling’s newest glamor boy as well as matdom’s current No. 1 box-office attraction.  In fact, mat maestro Fabiani is anticipating a capacity crowd for this, his third show of the current indoor season.

Starr has something in common with Gene DeBuque who will appear in one of Saturday night’s supporting tugfests.  A few weeks ago Starr won $1,000 on a TV giveaway program.  DuBuque had to settle for $150 on another quiz program for answering three of four questions about Shakespearen plays.

Like Starr, DeBuque is a former ballet dancer.  Gene’s opponent Saturday night will be Big Jim Bernard – the same Bernard who was fined $200 recently for tossing an opponent into the ring from outside the roped rostrum.

In other engagements Doc Dagonero will scuffle with Cowboy Rocky Hi Lee, Chief Big Heart will trade holds with Charley Robinson and The Mountaineer will open the evening’s proceedings against Jose Rodriguez.


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