Ricki Starr On Dual Main Event At YMCA Saturday

The Dispatch – November 5, 1956

Mills Boys Disqualified

A Veterans’ Day special that packs plenty of wallop and offers two main events is slated in wrestling action at the Lexington YMCA Saturday night.

Ricki Starr, one of the rapid-rising young stars of the ring today and a fellow fans have been asking to see, makes his debut this week.  The former Purdue University amateur great who once aspired to ballet dancing and who has been seen time after time on television, takes on the “Denver Destroyer” Tom Bradley in one of two main events.

The other big feature will be served out in Australian tag team action with two brand-new combinations taking part.  Ali Bey, the Terrible Turk and Jim Austeri, one of the greater tag team wrestlers of the land, come back after absences to form one team.  Bey and Austeri, both shaved-headed and roughnecks meet a bright new twosome of Jerry Gordet and Jack Bence, the latter a victor over popular Wally Lamb in a thriller last Saturday.

Two other winners last week, Mike Paidousis and Nick Roberts, collide in this week’s opener.

In action last Saturday Roberts and his able partner Ray Villmer captured a featured victory when the terrors of the Northwoods, Ray and Al Mills, were disqualified for not following orders of referee Walt Bruckner.

Bruckner warned the two roughnecks time and time again that only one could be in the ring at a time.  After several moves to disregard the official orders the Mills boys were disqualified and Roberts and Villmer won after eight minutes of the third round.

Tiny captured the first fall with a back-breaker on Villmer in fifteen minutes and then Villmer turned the tables to “airplane-spin” Tiny in six minutes to even it up.  Then came the disqualification.

Bence fought his way into a battle this week when he bested a very worthy Wally Lamb with a reverse leg-lock after 18 exciting minutes of action in the opener.

Paidousis, the former Tennessee football great, fought his way into another match this week when he downed Carolina Mountaineer Pete Managoff with knee-drops and a body press after 14 minutes of rough action.

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