Ricki Starr And Mr. America Paired In Mat Match Friday

Reading Eagle – May 18, 1958

It isn’t often Ricki Starr is forced to share top billing on a wrestling card but such will be the case Friday night when Promoter Ray Fabiani presents another of his all-action all-star cards in the Reading Armory.

Starr, the ballet-dancer turned wrestler, will have Mr. America as his opponent in one-half of the double windup.  This tugfest will share the spotlight with a best-of-three-falls tag team match in which the fabulous Kangaroos from Australia, Roy Heffernan and Al Costello, will trade holds with Marvin Mercer and Bolo Hakawa.

The evening’s three-event program will get under way with a three-falls scuffle between Aldo Venturi and Mark Stone.

According to Starr he blends his wrestling technique to “suit the other chap.”  And, as Mr. America is quite a showman himself, this match should prove to be a real crowd-pleaser.

Ricki wears ballet slippers while wrestling and they run the gamut from pink, lavender, coral, chartreause to baby blue.

And he will not begin a match, he says, “until I’m emotionally and physically fit.”  The result is he keeps the other half of the match waiting until he finishes his pre-match ceremontial dancing.

That he is an authentic professional dancer has been verified, Ricki says, by the American Guild of Variety Artists.  He never wrestles continuously, he claims, because he must appear in dancing shows at least once every three months to retain his guild card.

All of which means exactly nothing to Mr. America.  He’s a wrestler every day of the year, and, incidentally, one of the wealthiest grapplers in the game.

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