Cowboy Helps Ricki Starr Win

The Victoria Advocate – December 3, 1953
By John Lyons, Advocate Sports Editor

With Cowboy Carlson riding to the rescue to provide a thrilling finish, Bobby Socks Favorite Ricki Starr won the main event of Wednesday night’s wrestling program.

The decision came over the infuriated Stu Gibson and was awarded by groggy Marvin Jones, the referee with no expression.

It was a riotous finish and had a jam-packed Sportatorium crowd wild with excitement.

The muchly booed Gibson won the first fall in 15 minutes with a pile driver, which left Ricki in a very weakened condition.

But the roof shook with applause as Starr came back to take the second fall with slams that had the emotional Gibson crying.

They were going at it strong in the third fall with Gibson apparently having the best of it because of his rules-breaking holds.  He had Ricki against the ropes, gouging him.  Referee Jones stepped in to separate ‘em and all three of them went over the top rope to the floor.

Jones was stunned, unable to arise.  Gibson and Starr returned to the ring and Stu flattened Ricki with slams and then began jumping on him, adding impetus with his jumps by leaping from the ropes near the ring posts.

The fans were screaming, some at ringside were helping Jones get to his feet.

Then, just as the climax of a good shoot ‘em-up movie, Cowboy Carlson, who had won the one-fall opener, charged to the scene, fully dressed in his cowboy regalia.

He went to work on Gibson and his efforts so encouraged Ricki, that they teamed against Stu.  This two-on-one treatment was too much for Gibson and just as his shoulders were pinned, Jones staggered back into the ring and declared the match over.

But Gibson still wanted to fight.  He swung at Jones, tore his shirt to shreds but retreated when Carlson challenged him again.

Carlson, tall blond, had whipped Leo ‘The Lion’ Newman with a bulldog hold in the first match.

Ethel Johnson retained her Texas Colored Women’s Wrestling title by taking two straight falls from Louise Green in an action-filled match.

She won the first by trickery.  After being knocked from the ropes, she slipped around and grabbed Louise, who was acclaiming herself to the crowd while Referee Jones was counting her out.  She took the second fall with a monkey flip and body press.


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