Ricki Starr Crashes And Loses Bout

The Victoria Advocate – September 23, 1954

Ricki Starr missed a flying head hold and crashed through the ropes onto the cement floor where he remained dazed long enough for Referee Julius Johnson to count him out and give big Jack Adkisson the victory in the main event at the Sportatorium last night.

The match had gone to the third fall after Adkisson had won the first with a shoulder pin and Starr had rallied to take the second with an airplane spin.

In the crowd pleasing semi-final Rito Romero won over Tiger Jack Vansky as Johnson disqualified the latter for an alleged low blow.  Vansky screamed in protest at his disqualification and pleaded for the fans to back him up.  But Tiger Jack drew sympathy from only one lady fan who entered the violent argument with Johnson in behalf of Vansky.

The referee stuck to his decision, however, and Romero was winner in easy fashion.  Earlier he had taken the first fall with his famous Mexican necktie hold.

The preliminary went to Ray Gunkel who beat Tony Ross with a double knee shoulder pin.  Ross was substituting for Ray Clements who was unable to appear.

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