Ricki Starr Beats Vansky; Fan Clashes With Adkisson

The Victoria Advocate – September 16, 1954

Popular Ricki Starr used a Chinese crab hold to pin Jack Vansky in the third fall of the main event at the Sportatorium last night.

Vansky didn’t think the third fall was necessary, for he proclaimed himself winner of the match after taking the second of this best-of-three contest.  Vansky stepped out of the ring after pinning Starr with a backbreaker, but Referee Marvin Jones finally convinced him a third fall was needed since Starr had won the first one with an airplane spin and a body press.

The real excitement of the night came in the tag team semi-final when Jack Adkisson issued a challenge to the audience which was taken up by one of the fans who entered the ring and engaged in a fist fight.

Adkisson won the fight with the fan, but he and his partner, Tony Ross, were disqualified and the semi-final went to Ray Gunkel and Rito Romero.

After the bout, Adkisson issued a challenge for a bout here at anytime with any licensed wrestler.

In the two preliminary matches Romero beat the rough-fighting Ross, and Gunkel and Adkisson wrestled to a draw.  Romero pinned Ross with a series of drop kicks and a followup body press.  Gunkel was never able to get Adkisson to wrestle in the other match as he kept protesting to the referee or putting his foot into the ropes.

Mrs. Jack Scarbrough, Mrs. W. M. Murphy and Mrs. I. M. Boles of the Junior Service League were on hand at last night’s matches selling tickets for the Victoria County Child Welfare benefit.

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