A Statement From Jack Vansky…

The Victoria Advocate – September 12, 1954

About Bobby Sox Idol Ricki Starr

Ricki Starr 9-10-54


Vansky Says;

“I think that Victoria is lucky to have a wrestler of my capabilities on the card this Wednesday.  I am one of the top men in my profession in the country and I don’t believe that children, the likes of Ricki Starr, should even be on the same card with me.  I will take care of Mr. Starr in the main event match Wednesday.”

“I don’t appreciate Starr meddling in my affairs as he did last Wednesday night.  If the girls want to look at Starr this week, they had better come early as I intend to throw him out of the Sportatorium and Victoria.”



Promoter Ray Adcock said Thursday that fans in Victoria have seen Starr wrestle before and that, if anything, Starr has improved over his previous performances.  All in all, things should be interesting as the tough Vansky attempts to handle Ricki.

In addition to the event, there will be a tag team semifinal match with Rito Romero and Ray Gunkel challenging a newcomer to Victoria, Tony Ross, who is tagged with a man of his caliber, Jack Adkisson.

In the two preliminary matches Ray Gunkel tangles with Akisson in a 15 minute match, and Romero will give Ross a good introduction to Victoria in the opener.

Tickets are on sale at the Turf, Garland Rathers, and The Sportatorium.  Call 3-4451 or 5-1832 for reservations.  (Adv.)

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