You Can’t Monkey Around Like That

Ironwood MI Daily Globe – April 10, 1929

New York City NY, Apr. 10 (AP) — Stanislaus Zbyszko, former heavyweight wrestling champion of the world and the “iron man” of sportdom, today filed suit for $250,000 against the New York American, alleging that that newspaper had destroyed his young wife’s love for him.

The complaint, filed in the New York county supreme court, alleged that “said publication imputed and caused its readers to believe that the plaintiff is not really a human, but is fundamentally a gorilla.”

The complaint said the article involved was printed in the American on March 31. It was a two-page spread entitled “How Science Proves Its Theory of Evolution,” and among the illustrations was a picture of a gorilla and one of Zbyszko in the crouching wrestler’s stance. Beneath the picture of the wrestler, the complaint charged, was the following caption:

“Stanislaus Zbyszko, the wrestler, not fundamentally different from the gorilla in physique.”

The complaint said, “The shock Mrs. Zbyszko received upon reading in a presumably scientific article that her husband bore a strong physical resemblance to a gorilla was tremendous and created a feeling of abhorrence in her toward him which has broken up their relationship as husband and wife.”


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