Wrestler Pilakoff Hurt

The New York Times – January 17, 1911

Zybszko Throws Finnish Grappler, Tearing Ligaments of Right Arm.

Pilakoff, a Finnish wrestler, after losing the first fall in his contest with Zbyszko in 0:46:16 injured his right arm in the second period and was compelled to forfeit the fall and match to the Polish wrestler at Prospect hall last night before a crowd that packed the large hall to the doors.  The gigantic Pole agreed to throw his Finnish opponent twice within an hour, and accomplished his first fall after the pair had wrestled a clean and sportsmanlike contest for 0:46:16 After the first fall the pair were allowed a reposition of ten minutes, and in the remaining 14 minutes and 44 seconds the Pole was to have tried to negotiate another fall.  After they had gone 7 minutes and 34 seconds.  Zbyszko, who was making every effort to win, grabbed his opponent from a standing position and threw him bodily over his head in a manner that had occurred on three previous occasions.  When Pilakoff came down he landed on his elbow with great force and pulled the ligaments of his right arm out of place.  He lay helpless on the mat in great pain and was unable to continue.

The wrestlers were separated by the referee and two physicians examined the arm which at first was thought to have been broken, but they found only the ligaments strained.  Being unable to continue, the referee awarded the bout to Zbyszko.  The bout was cleanly contested throughout.  The Pole outweighed his opponent by at least forty pound, but what Pilakoff lacked in weight he made up in his foxy defensive actions, which brought him out of many tight places in easy style.

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