The Referee

The National Police Gazette: New York – April 23, 1887

His Thoughts, Opinions and Expressions on Matters of Sporting Interest.

John McMahon, the famous collar-and-elbow wrestler, is again on the war path, he has posted a forfeit with Richard K. Fox and has issued a challenge to wrestle any man in the United States best two in three falls, collar-and-elbow, “Police Gazette” rules, for $1,000 a side.

* * *

Collar-and-elbow wrestlers are very scarce, although square hold is a style of wrestling which is thoroughly American, as it was the first style introduced in this country and Canada; but since catch-as-catch-can and Graeco-Roman have been introduced collar-and-elbow wrestling contests have been very scarce.

* * *

The only experts at this style of wrestling are John McMahon, John Decker, H. M. Dufur, Wm. L. Kennedy and Homer Lane, but the best is probably John McMahon.

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