Zbyszko Throws Koloff At Fort

The Spokesman-Review – July 24, 1925

After losing the first fall to Dan Koloff, Stanislaus Zbyszko, veteran of more than 2,000 matches, came back and took the next two falls and the match in the mat card at the Fort George Wright arena last night. A crowd of 1,000 people, including a liberal sprinkling of women, saw the two heavyweights go at each other with a vengeance from the start, and keep up the pace throughout the match.

Although the veteran Pole dropped the first fall to his younger rival, he appeared to be fresher and in better condition at the end of the fall than Koloff, who took the duke with a punishing wrist lock after 32 minutes of wrestling. Zbyszko remained on the offensive throughout most of the first fall, and kept the Bulgarian busy wriggling out of dangerous holds. Shortly before getting the fall, Koloff kicked out of a bad toe hold, only to have Zbyszko clamp a headlock on him. Koloff spun out of the headlock and regained his feet, and as the two men went down together to the mat with the Bulgarian on top, he applied a wrist lock, which Zbyszko couldn’t break.

Koloff was dizzy and staggered somewhat as he went to his corner at the end of the fall, while Zbyszko appeared to be the least tired of the two. Both used Strangler Lewis’ thunder throughout the match, applying painful headlocks, bringing cheers and applause from the audience as they squirmed out of them. Zbyszko was the aggressor at the start of the second fall, carrying the bout to Koloff, who was willing enough to mix. Zbyszko’s bald and slick head enabled him to slip out of many headlocks applied by the Bulgarian.

Zbyszko was on top most of the time during the first 10 minutes, but could not for a while secure any effective holds. Koloff regained his feet several times and finally succeeded in maneuvering around behind the veteran Pole. As he attempted to raise Zbyszko bodily and throw him to the mat, the Pole kicked Koloff’s feet out from under him and lit on top of him with a neat backward flip, which completely jarred the wind out of the Bulgarian. Zbyszko then turned and rolled over on top of Koloff and pinned his shoulders to the mat. The time was 11 minutes, 30 seconds.

Zbyszko came out of his corner and clamped a headlock on Koloff at the start of the last fall. Koloff broke this and a few seconds later got out of a bad toe hold. Zbyszko forced the issue and got another headlock, only to have Koloff break it. Two more headlocks in rapid succession weakened the Bulgarian and he succumbed a few seconds later to a flying mare, Zbyszko bringing him over his shoulder with a desperate heave and pinning his shoulders to the canvas. The time for this fall was 12 minutes.

Two preliminaries and a band concert preceded the main event. Corporal Jutras defeated Private Flynn in the first prelim, taking the one-fall match in seven minutes. Young Sampson, S.A.A.C. grappler, proved too much for Corporal Oper of Fort Wright, throwing him in eight and a half minutes, after the soldier had made a game stand. Dr. Charley Olson refereed the main event.


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